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15th Oct, 2022 | Information

Members of Everglow the Rebecca Kruza Foundation committee, met ‘virtually’ with Dover M.P. Natalie Elphick on Tuesday 11th October.

It was a very productive meeting, prompted by passionate accounts from Kate and Jasmine in support of our campaign aims, with current evidence of continuing failings and the unnecessary suffering it brings.

Thanks goes to Natalie for her responses and the actions she has already made and offered assistance with, considering the prospect of the damning report due next Wednesday from Bill Kirkup’s investigation into East Kent Maternity Services, and the 5 years of campaigning since losing Rebecca to Maternal suicide while we’ve watched in despair at the reluctance of authorities to engage and improve maternity and perinatal care and services.

We now are steeling ourselves for what we hope will bring these to us and the toil and organisation it will take to implement them. Onwards and upwards, and please stay with us. We need your support as always.

Alex Jee