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55B) ‘Medically unnecessary’ c-sections double in UK as major study warns of global overuse

2nd Mar, 2022 | Information


Doctors should ‘only intervene in this way when it is medically required,’ report states

Alex Matthews-King

Health Correspondent Medically unnecessary caesarean births have more than doubled in the UK in the past 15 years, according to an international study which warns mothers are being put at risk by over use. While women in low income or more isolated regions are still unable to access this life-saving intervention, it is increasingly being used without robust medical justification in wealthier parts of the world, the experts warned.

Since 2000 the proportion of births by C-section has doubled globally, rising from 12 per cent to 21 per cent of all births, according to the new research published in The Lancet medical journal.
Thursday 11 October 2018 23:42