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12th Jul, 2021 | Information

On many occasions between May 2019 and March 2021 I requested of Theresa May, Matt Hancock, Nadine Dorries, Jeremy Hunt, and Natalie Elphicke, to name but a few, to be included in any investigatory panels with our evidence, which was submitted but never used. March 2021 Laura Trott advises me the deadline for inclusion on The Health Select Committee passed in December 2020, while my requests went unacknowledged in all cases. Why?

“MPs say 1,000 babies die preventable deaths in England each year: Commons Health Select Committee says NHS has reduced baby deaths significantly but could do more to improve safety.”: “A cascade of catastrophic failings’: the UK’s baby death scandals” ​

“A thousand babies die preventable deaths every year in England because a culture of shifting blame and keeping tight-lipped means lessons are not learned after mistakes happen on NHS maternity wards, a report by MPs has said.

Almost two in five childbirth units still provide care that is unsafe to some extent, despite maternity care improving in recent years after a series of scandals, the health select committee said in a hard-hitting report published on Tuesday.

The cross-party group praises the NHS for the “impressive” 30% fall in neonatal deaths and 25% drop in stillbirths over the last decade. But the MPs said in the report: “The improvement has come from a low base and if we had the same rate as Sweden approximately 1,000 more babies would survive every year.”