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6th Jul, 2021 | Gallery, Information

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Make the NHS check for, and correct, tongue-ties at birth at all U.K. maternity units
11 APR 2017 — “Well, the first thing to say is that the petition has 90,000 signatures, which is more people than Wembley Stadium can hold. That’s amazing, and proves how much of an issue this is. So thank you so, so much!
In other countries, like France and Italy, this is taken care of on the day in the hospital. There used to be a trained tongue tie practitioner (usually a midwife) on every maternity unit in the UK who could cut a tongue tie where necessary. But this is no longer the case.
I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to understand the process of changing national policy around tongue tie, and there are a few things to note. Whilst it can be mandated nationally, by NHS England, and spurred on by the government, it will take a long time to change. This is still the priority though. But in the meantime, local NHS Trusts make their own decisions on how to deal with tongue ties”.. The Postcode Lottery Game continues
IF tongue tie is diagnosed at birth the NICE guidelines advise a 5-7 day wait to be certain it is preventing babies from feeding properly, in order to prevent unnecessary frenulotomies (cutting ). IF Midwives were given better training in the art of tongue tie recognition, earlier diagnosis would be possible. Midwives then, make the referral to the Health Visiting Infant Feeding Team. Appointment waiting times are 2-3 weeks. (This Team get the funding for the Specialist Breastfeeding Service from K.C.C. ) Once confirmed by the SBS Lactation Consultant, referral is made to the local hospital clinic( in East Kent: William Harvey or QEQM Hospitals) with an additional waiting time of 2-3 weeks. Totalling up to 6 weeks of purgatory while baby can’t feed properly.
IF: It isn’t diagnosed early and your baby is over 3 months when it is, then referral is to a London Hospital with often longer waiting lists, resulting in a longer term in purgatory.
WHY can’t the U.K. meet the standards of other European Countries? Meanwhile the purgatory continues. See Rebecca’s Story.
Many thanks Lyn