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15) Corruption: Misleading and Erroneous Information

8th Mar, 2021 | Information

Authorities data cannot be relied upon: Taken from My letter to Alan Blunsdon 13/12/18 which elicited the Reg. 28 report.
The MMHA which is CCG funded, considered Kent as ‘green ‘ and providing good maternal/perinatal mental health services and support. This was not consistent with the C.Q.C. reports, information and experiences, the absence of M.B.U beds and the failings in Rebecca’s care. The Maternal Mental Health Alliance are looking into this .

Fatalities and Adverse Drug Effects continue not to be recorded:
And Regarding Rebecca’s death:

MHRA *( Medicines and Healthcare Products Reg. Agency) failed to record my yellow card notification of 29th July 2017 . Having had no confirmation, I discovered this when I enquired again in Sept. 2018 to be told they had had a fault in their system then and I had to re-register it. THIS WAS 15 MONTHS LATER AND CONTRAVENED THEIR OWN GUIDELINES.

MBRRACE U.K. Mothers and Babies Reducing Risk through Audits and Confidential Enquiries * https://www.npeu.ox.ac.uk/mbrrace-uk (Govmnt funded research at Oxford Univ. )

Had no record or details of Rebecca’s death until I notified them December 2018. Not only had I made 2 extremely distressing communications but was dumbfounded to realise the inefficacy of systems relied upon by so many authorities that we, the public pay and place our trust .

Neither the G.P. nor the Coroner’s office had reported Rebecca’s death as they were required to do.

INQUEST: coroner’s office demanded a statement of concerns within 5 days of her suicide. After the extreme shock of finding her we were now tasked with researching her last months on a deadline. The chemical reaction was brutal and personally cemented my resolve for justice. This was cold comfort during the battle for information from multiple organisations that didn’t overtly communicate. Walls of silence as the ranks closed. The backlash from local medical staff was caustic and lead to more forms of medical negligence perpetrated on such vulnerable undeserving patients. Being informed only on a ‘need to know basis’, when you don’t know what to ask except WHY? Signposted to the wrong authorities, then months of waiting for more negative replies. Promises of help that never transpired but wore us down. Obtaining records that ranged from ‘no fee’ to 5 times others’ costs, sent in illegible writing, un-paginated double sided and and upside down.Guidelines discovered that no one knows about or follows. The absence of :guidelines: legislation, and responsibility. The task of procuring this when communications go unacknowledged.

Standing at the end of the tunnel only to be lead down another snake infested dark alley. Imagine your weapon being such an horrific event that you have to constantly reign in your sanity. The grieving becomes bizarre.

Due to our mining for the truth, the Inquest wasn’t then until 17 months later and was hell re-visited, attended by up to 30 of Rebecca’s faithful friends and some interested official parties resembling hyenas.

Then the road began winding into the Everglow Campaign and making things better, once accountability has been accepted to allow improvements which, TO THIS DAY DESPITE ALL OF THE REVELATIONS OF THEIR FAILINGS, THE TRUST IS UNWILLING TO ACCEPT AND ALLOW OUR VOICES TO BE INCLUDED IN THEIR QUEST FOR’CHANGES’ WHY?
March 2nd 2020 Meeting at Buckland Hospital railroaded by the C.C.G into a mental health meeting. Noted was the absence of the 2 senior Midwives and Mental Health Expert who attended our Everglow meeting on 28th November 2019, who had expressed a 110 % vote of confidence in our proposals. When asked what safeguarding measures are in place for mothers and their babies where psychotropic medication is prescribed, posing serious risks to both, they had no answer except this recent concession that: G.P.’s now have a new directive offering mothers and babies a 6 week post natal 10 minute consultation to check both for physical and mental wellbeing……….this is not acceptable

Our proposals were met with indifference.