We have raised upwards of £ 3,200 net, with DONATIONS still coming in
Credit below: goes to everyone who donated their own time and/or money to Everglow the Rebecca Kruza Foundation to help to fund our Mother and Baby Respite Home :
Farmers Ron Elgar and Hugh Densham, United Families of Deal, St. John’s Ambulance, Hamilton Phipps, Honey, Daniel and Curry’s of Arnold, Nottingham, Carly, Scott, Jake, Hannah Grover, Jordan, Tom Bates, Jack Poile, Ted Smissen, Laura Palmer, Hannah Shilling, Sharon MacInnes, Lauren Taylor, , Lisa Aldridge, Liz Richardson, Kelly Ann Evans, Clare Smith, Marsh Scaffolding, Ryan Twynn, Josh Brearly, Chris Cooke, Chris Seymour, Colin Lee Young, River , User Friendly, It Takes 2, Talk it Out, The Pizza Shed, Badabing Bar, Clarkes Plant Stall, K. B. Resin Jewellery, Emma Taylor’s Remskeys, Steve’s Ice Creams, Ian Richard’s Bouncy Castle Direct, Grill Beasts, Tesco Whitfield, Welly Bailey, Kingdom Carpet Co., South Eastern Railways, Dover Leisure Centre, The Everest Inn Hythe, Contoured Curves, Take2Photography, Susie Adams Beauty, Kerry’s Bakehouse Deal, Sid and Nancy’s Bakery, Kat McKeen Reflexology.