We have respite homes and respite care for:
Dementia, Carers, Post-operative, Sailors, Soldiers, Musicians, The Elderly and yes even…..animals. WHY not for mothers and their babies? In other cultures mothers and newborns receive personalised recuperative care and domestic assistance, aimed at TLC and ‘baby bonding’ from family or community services. Since in westernised countries like the U.K. this is missing, our campaign needs support to provide Respite Homes and Care for mums struggling for whatever reason, to prevent escalation of mental ill-health and the damage that it does. Somewhere peaceful and comforting, free from everyday worries and the strain of coping, where rest, help with caring for her baby, and gentle therapies, will allow the time she needs to recover emotionally, and physically and mentally to gather herself.

The evidence on this website demonstrates this need if you take time to look not least of all in Rebecca’s Story. Access to and liaison with other services will be available to ensure client safety.

Our Campaign needs assistance firstly in: tracking down sources for charitable funding, well-wishers and sponsors, next in organising events to raise donations, to pay for suitable ‘Homes’, staff, therapists, furniture, and essential baby equipment to name but a few. We are also seeking help with the necessary expertise in these areas and of course, some elbow grease and willing tradesmen for D.I.Y. If you can help please make contact with your offers through this website, everglowtherebeccakruzafoundation.co.uk, and Gmail:
01304 721338, 07879627373 ( withheld numbers not accepted)
Facebook at Everglow the Rebecca Kruza Foundation or Lyn Richardson or Kate Kruza.