Take Heart Mummies because the Light is at the End of the Tunnel. see an excerpt from Tracey Fletcher’s letter.
AN EXCERPT: LETTER 19TH DECEMBER 2022 FROM TRACEY FLETCHER: EAST KENT HOSPITALS UNIVERSITY NHS FOUNDATION TRUST addressing our questions to them about our campaign aims which relate to maternity care and services but VIP about Respite Homes.
“Reinstatement of Respite Homes: The Trust recognises that facilities for mothers and babies who require respite care to support both mental and physical health recovery, are much needed across the country and that these are currently extremely limited. This is however a matter that unfortunately needs to be considered by the wider health sector rather than the Trust”.
I continue to wait to be allowed to communicate with the DHSC as this is clearly directed at them since our local CCG, KMPT and Canterbury College Health and Social Care Dept., are already on board so WHEN WILL THE DHSC join us?
Light at the end of the tunnel