Everglow the Rebecca Kruza Foundation Campaign:

Is dedicated to improving Perinatal Services to prevent the development and escalation of ill mental health and unnecessary suffering to Mother, Babies, Fathers and Families from the current impoverished system and to provide clinical excellence and TLC to make East Kent services the best, and right now they need all the help they can get.

BUT ; We need your support to get them to listen.

We are crying out to concerned mums, dads and families, organisations, and maternity professionals to ask you to lend your support by contacting the authorities listed below to include your voices.

Please Email support to : viv.bennett@dh.gsi.gov.uk : dorries@parliament.uk
:Whscallforevidence (survey deadline 13th June 2021) : beststartinlife@phe.gov.uk And your local M.P.

Based on the principal of Tender Loving Care, from our evidence these improvements in Perinatal Care; throughout pregnancy, birth, and the post natal year for mother and baby, will include:

More frequent and extended face -to- face Midwife and Health Visitor home visits (see Everglow Bulletins ref. CQC advised in January 2020 and MBRRACE)

b) Early Support for mothers and families when they struggle to cope, in Domestic assistance as a means to assist, and liaise with professionals.

c) Crucial reinstatement of Respite Homes where mothers and their babies can rest, feel safe, and get the TLC (Tender Loving care) and therapeutic treatment they preferably need to prevent escalation of mental ill health and give them time to recover. For example from Parenting classes and VIP therapies. (see Everglow Bulletins: BPS Executive Summary February 2016: (sic) ‘mums prefer these to psychiatric interventions’. )

d) Most importantly: A measurable shift in attitude and approach to being patient centred, and consideration of Mother’s history.

ALSO: Obstetric/paediatric matters which have a great impact on post natal mental health.

1) Diagnoses and early correction of babies tongue ties and similar conditions.

2) Consent- The timing of this: complex matters surrounding consent for procedures like assisted delivery and Caesarians, to be explained in the 3rd trimester at the latest. This will allow mothers/fathers/carers,  (especially first timers ) to be fully informed instead of left on a ‘need to know basis’ at the point of crisis.

3) Redress the balance between mothers/fathers/carers and doctors, and midwives, so that it makes a level playing field and diffuses intimidation and builds trust for parents.

4) Promotion of Midwifery skills to encourage and assist in natural births thus avoiding emergency ceasareans, and create a trusting relationship with mother based on encouraging her during labour and listening.

5) Counselling and baby skills given as a matter of course, especially for new mums, before discharge and especially where difficult birth/trauma has occurred.

6) Direct Links from Midwives, Health Visitors, domestic assistants and Respite Home Staff, to ensure liaison with Specialist Mental Health Midwives and Mental Health staff and their ‘Hub’ Teams.

7) Independent Scrutiny group to ensure maintenance of reputation and avoid for instance, a repeat of repayments for false appraisals.

Thank you from the Everglow Campaign Committee