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21B) A lie or an oversight? S. Acott : C.E.O.E.K.Hospital Trust denies knowledge of the RCOG REPORT

8th Mar, 2021 | Information

November 2018 report into death of 1 week old baby Harry Richford November 2017 at Q.E.Q.M. Hospital Margate as an explanation for lack of acknowledgement and action. Yet communications show this was not the case. AND Declines on the 26th November an invitation to the Everglow Campaign 1st meeting finally obtained on 28th November 2019, yet at the last minute, unannounced, sends several representatives. She continues as C.E.O. WHY?

Offers of administrative assistance for the 2nd meeting held March 2nd 2020, are welcomed by our Campaign, who are then invited by the E.K.C.C.G. as ‘service user’ to a Mental Health Meeting of their own agenda, which excluded Maternity/perinatal issues.