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57) East Kent Hospitals maternity staff interviewed as part of Kirkup Review into baby death scandal

3rd Mar, 2022 | Information


Marijke Hall 20th January 2022

Maternity staff from crisis-hit East Kent Hospitals are being interviewed as part of an independent review into the trust’s baby death scandal.

It followed the high-profile inquest into the death of baby Harry Richford – who died aged one week in November 2017 at the QEQM – in which multiple failings were exposed.

East Kent Hospitals was fined £733,000 last year for the unsafe care and treatment of the tot resulting in his tragic death after a criminal case was brought by the Care Quality Commission. It forms part of an investigation by Dr. Bill Kirkup, who is leading the probe into maternity and neonatal services at the QEQM in Margate and William Harvey in Ashford.

* Comments from the debate:

busyboy wrote: 21/01/2022 18:10
Believe me,nothing will change.It’s a sham.At one Kent hospital they were ‘teaching’ porters how to recover patients direct out of surgery(extubation the lot). The hospitals are made aware of any CQC ‘inspection’ and all are told what to say. I can tell you nurses/porters/cleaners are all being asked to do things they shouldn’t.PERIOD.So think on next time you have a surgical procedure in Kent.

Spice76 wrote:21/01/2022 00:39: Monday 12 May 2008:
Around 7am – I have blocked out when my only daughter was born as well as many sections of being at QEQM from the Saturday. Resulting in complex PTSD – triggers include: pregnant women – student nurses in uniform – sanitary towels – public toilets – bright halogen lights above me – the metallic smell of blood -the sound of metal trays and someone touching my shoulders to name what I remember.

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