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23B) Derek Richford Harry’s Grandfather: A grim and Familiar Tale

8th Mar, 2021 | Information


“We had asked time and time again for the Trust to report Harry’s death to the coroner but they refused. Eventually after 4 and a half months and several meetings  the family reported Harry’s death to the coroner  themselves on March 15th 2018 but very little happened for quite some time.
The Trust had promised to report  his death in a meeting on March 14th however, the Trust didn’t report it themselves  until April 20th some 5 and a half weeks later .  It wasn’t until much later that we discovered that the coroner was not allowed to carry out an inquest on Harry without permission from the Chief Coroner of England as there was no longer a body.  It wasn’t until the end of August 2018 that we got a call from the coroner’s office to say that an inquest into Harry’s death was to be held.  Harry’s inquest was opened and adjourned on September 3rd 2018……………
On March 5th 2020 Kent County Council Registration Service re-issued Harry’s death certificate to show the 7 serious failings and neglect that caused his death.  A permanent record of the disgraceful acts and omissions that caused Harry’s death”.