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19) 18 MONTHS OF INERTIA from 14th June 2017 to Boxing Day 2018

8th Mar, 2021 | Information

Needless deaths of 2 infants and the wreckage of a mother’s life. WHY WAS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN IN E.K. TRUST?

Parents of mother, 38, who drowned her 23-month-old twins say there were ‘missed opportunities’ to help their daughter who was suffering from ‘serious mental illness’ as coroner rules deaths as unlawful killing. Samantha Ford killed twin children Jake and Chloe in Kent on Boxing Day, 2018. The 39-year-old was sentenced to 10 years in a psychiatric unit in August 2019.

Dr Robert Immelman, of the Charing Practice, described how he had a consultation with Ford on December 21 in which she requested an extension of her anti-depressant medication as she was having trouble sleeping.
He said a ( CRUCIAL) letter from a mental health service which stated she had been having suicidal thoughts had not been put on her medical file ahead of the consultation, despite having been sent a week earlier.
The inquest previously heard that their father Steven said neither he or anyone else in Samantha’s family had any serious concerns about her mental health to the extent that they would suspect her harming the children or herself.
Tony and Colette Emptage, parents of Ford, said in a statement that their daughter had been suffering from ‘serious mental illness’.
She adored her children and looked after them as well as any mother could, even while she was struggling severely.’
They continued: ‘It has been made clear that Samantha repeatedly sought but did not receive the urgent medical help and treatment for her illness that she needed.
‘We remain concerned that there were missed opportunities for Chloe and Jake.
‘Although Samantha repeatedly sought help (speaking to 14 different professionals throughout November and December) she was only seen face to face on two occasions and the only solution appeared to be to prescribe her more and more medication.”